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The Joy of Camping With The Comfort of Home

I used to love taking camping holidays deep in the woods. I was an avid hiker, and no trek was too difficult for me. Sometimes, I would walk as much as 20 miles a day! This wasn’t just a walk in the woods either. I was carrying a heavy pack of camping equipment, complete with clothing, food, emergency supplies, and recreational items. I never went to those camping sites that were right by the road. I would always hike into the wilderness.

When I hurt my back, however, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take these kinds of camping trips anymore. At first I was depressed, but I decided not to let it get me down. Instead, I bought a campervan. I had always sort of looked down on campervans – or as most people call them – RV’s. It seemed like a stupid way to go off into the woods. I had seen lots of those little mini vans in camping sites that I drove past on the highway – funny how they never actually seemed to appear on the road though!. People would include everything in them. They would take along their televisions, their liquor cabinets, and all sorts of electronic appliances. Basically, there seemed to be no point to it. Why go off into the woods and bring the city along with you?

Still, I found out that just because you have a campervan doesn’t mean that you have to live like you’re at home. Of course, at least for me, going to RV parks is out of the question because people are crowded in so closely that there is no way to get any solitude. Still, there are plenty of places to take campervans that are off the beaten path. If you have a good engine and solid tyres, or better a 4×4 setup then you can actually get to some pretty isolated spots up in the mountains. Of course, you can’t go to these places all year. The roads get icy, and it can be pretty dicey to driving around with all your kit in the back! Still, if you are creative, you can find a way to get away from it all.

I have been taking vacations with my little camper van and, thanks to the guys at Vanguard Conversions, its like a real home from home. Whats more, my back is starting to feel better. I hope that soon I will be able to start hiking again, although I doubt I will be able to take those long trips I used to. Still, it has been nice to have the camper van in the meantime. Without some way to get off into the woods, I don’t think I would have been able to stay sane!

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