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Tips To Help The Flight Go Smoother

Many travelers immediately get stressed out just by thinking of the idea of flying. If you’re the type who’s not very comfortable in the idea of air travel, the tips provided below can help make your journey run smoother. If this is your first time riding an airplane, these pieces of advice will surely come in handy.

Check in online

Not only will checking in online allow you to avoid the long lines at the airport–you will also get to have access to the best seats. By simply going online (this is usually 24 hours prior to the flight, but check your ticket just to be sure), you can easily choose your seats and print out other essential documents that you need to present to the counter.

Take pictures of your luggage before you check-in.

It is not uncommon to misplace your luggage during a flight. In case this unfortunate incident happens to you, you will have to wait for hours or even a day or two for it to reach you. One way to speed up the process is by providing the authorities a photo–this will be a very helpful aid when they’re retrieving your bag in case it gets lost along the way.

Check behind you before you recline your seat.

A few minutes after the plane takes off, passengers will be allowed to recline their seats. If you’re in a long flight, this will be something that will be necessary. Before you do it, however, you need to make sure that you check the chair behind you. The person behind you could be using their table at the back of your seat (for activities like eating and writing), and you do not want to annoy them by reclining without warning.

Want to avoid conversations? Wear headphones.

Meeting people is always a part of travel, and while it would be great to hear new stories, sometimes you just want to sit in peace and sleep/not talk. One tried and tested way to avoid conversations on the plane is to wear headphones. You do not need to play anything–you can just put them on and pretend you have your own thing going on. This way, the conversation won’t even begin.

Stay close to the airport when in transit.

Often on long haul flights you will find your self overnight in a city en route to your final destination. If you are flying into Wellington, Christchurch or somewhere beyond Auckland you will often need to find a hotel for the night before you connect to a domestic flight. In such cases make sure you stay close to the airport. Auckland Airport for instance is a fair hike from the downtown area and you don’t want to find yourself having to leg it back to the airport in peak hour traffic (in any large city). Finding accommodation close to the airport will make things much easier. Hotel Formule1 near Auckland Airport even puts on a free shuttle to and from the terminal so you don’t even need to think about arranging your own transportation.

Know your alcohol tolerance.

Most flights offer free beer/alcohol for passengers, and for drinkers, nothing sounds more exciting than having free booze on board. However, before you say yes to that wine or can of beer, make sure that you can handle it. People do get drunk on the plane, and the results are not always pretty–some tend to get loud, some suddenly get motion sickness, some would fall asleep in compromising positions, and so on–so be aware of your tolerance before you say yes to that free airline liquor.
The next time you go on a flight, consider some of these tips so you’ll have a bit more ease. It is not difficult for your travel plans to run smoothly–all you need is to do some of these pre-flight preparations and you’ll be all set and ready to fly.

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