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A Visit to Stone Barns Centre

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is located in Pocantico Hills, NY.  This beautiful not-for-profit farm and education center offers the opportunity to learn about agriculture firsthand on a working farm and build connections about the food we eat.

Many family activities are offered throughout the year for a fee (usually ranging from $7-$12 per person), including egg collecting, livestock tours, animal feeding, and cooking classes.  For a list of upcoming events, click HERE.  We decided to go and try our hand at egg collecting.

The hens live in mobile coops that are regularly rotated throughout the fields.  The hens get plenty of fresh air, green grass, bugs and worms to eat.  They are very healthy and happy!   The guide taught us that a small feather behind the hen’s ear determines what color the eggs will be.

After carefully collecting the eggs into little baskets, we gave them a soapy bath and rinse, and then packaged them to take home.

So much fun and so delicious to eat!

Some useful tips if you go:  Stone Barns Center is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm.  There is a small coffee bar/cafe on the premises that serves coffees, baked goods, and light fare (in addition to the more formal and expensive Blue Hill restaurant on the premises).  The cafe is open Wednesday through Thursday from 10:30-4:30pm.  There is no seating in the cafe, but the outdoor terrace has tables and chairs.  We were charged a parking fee of $5.00 which was refundable with a purchase of $15.00 or more on the premises (so our purchase of two tickets for egg collecting got us free parking).   C

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