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What Makes a Good Hotel For A Business Traveller

What Makes a Good Hotel For A Business Traveller

Life on the road as a sales person or business person can be lonely and very frustrating, especially if the meeting didn’t go to plan or you had another bad day stuck in traffic and going mad at other drivers. When you are heading towards your hotel, the last thing you want is to worry about how good its going to be or whether you are going to have a decent nights sleep.


Below, we take a look at what makes a good hotel for a business traveller.


Location – When you have meetings in any area of the country, it is frustrating to end up in a hotel that is miles from any transport connections or from your meetings. It is vital that the hotel has good road, bus and train links so that you can easily use the hotel as a base and get from A to B, quickly and cost effectively. There is no point paying for a really cheap hotel yet being 20 miles away from your meeting if you are going to get a taxi or then have to travel even further, so it’s important to weigh up location and cost when booking your hotel.


Price – If you are on the road regularly for business then you know the cost of the travel can soon mount up, especially if you require hotels for the majority of the week nights on your away trips. You need a hotel that is affordable and … Read the rest

My Road Trip Update #3

My Road Trip Update #3

I’m exhausted, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. We departed Texas on June 29 and we are now in Cayucas, California.

I’ve done so much that I don’t know where to begin. I stood on the corner of Winslow Arizona. I ate fry-bread. I made it out of Texas.

We spent New Year’s day at The Grand Canyon, and we saw an old abandoned amusement park dedicated to The Flintstones. We stayed in one of THE WORST hostels I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot of hostels. It is called The Grand Canyon International Hostel. Don’t stay there. It is dirty and noisy. The bathrooms had mildew on the showers. There are kitchens upstairs and down. That sounds great until you realize that the only place people have to eat is right outside of your bedroom. Yup. They have tables and chairs in the hallway so that you have strangers talking really loud all night long. I don’t know if there is a manager there. I never saw one. It was gross and uncomfortable. Big shout out to the guys over at my old work – Azzurro Blu – who did some quick research and found a new lodging – The Grand Palace which was incredible!

Flintstone’s Bedrock City

The Grand Canyon was incredible and beautiful. It wasn’t crowded at all, and we had a really good time driving through the snowy forest to get there. We stopped off at The Flintstone’s Bedrock City … Read the rest

Our New Adventure Group Is Launching

Our New Adventure Group Is Launching

The very famous last words of Marco Polo – the great traveler, explorer and adventurer were “I did not tell the half of what I saw”. Well, he could have told all had we launched this website during his life time!

Adventure Travel expeditions have been a source finding out new place around the world for decades.

People with a hunger for adventure have been travelling around to places which have been never heard of before. Many such travelers like Marco Polo, Columbus, Magellan and many more contributed immensely to such adventure travel communities and the world also.

Whatever Marco Polo and the other great travelers did share in their travelogues opened the eyes of their readers to a completely different world with its own culture, customs and people. Such travelogues served as destination guides, travel tips, route maps etc.

Such Travelers used to share trip information through writings and books, and such source of information created awareness and curiosity among people.

There is no better source of information than a person who has experienced it himself/herself, right?

Well, at cheap Holidays 24, our members share their first hand trip experiences capturing beautiful moments, sights on the way, places to eat, practical difficulties etc of their trips. Also, the members get to see the actual photos taken by travelers and not the digitally edited ones that are posted on tourism websites. There are many routes one can take to get to a destination depending on preferences and resources.

Most of … Read the rest

Tips For Traveling With Kids

Tips For Traveling With Kids

We all know it can be problematic travelling long distances with young children, with the numerous temper tantrums, toilet stops and toddler troubles. However, fear not, this article outlines a few simple travel planning tips that you can prepare in advance to ensure your vacation goes smoothly. Ensuring you are fully prepared before embarking will mean getting the most out of your kids.


Keep your kids entertained with plenty of books, comics or toys for the journey. Depending on your children’s age these items may vary from a crayon book to an iPod, but will be a great way to keep your children occupied in queues, airports and on bus rides. Don’t forget to check the battery life on any portable games before leaving.

Engaging your younger children in visual games along the way will also help to distract them from the boredom of traveling. Old favourites like eye spy and ‘how many things can you see beginning with…?’ games always work wonders to pass the time.

Finding somewhere to stay

Accommodation wise, it is always important to plan well in advance before any unexpected problems arise. It would be suggested to find your accommodation at least 6-8 weeks in advance of international travel to avoid any mishaps and mistakes that can be made booking a place to stay.

There are a number of specialist companies that rent holiday homes suitable for families, such as onefinestay in London, Wimdu or AirBNB which will have a range of homes suitable … Read the rest

The Beauty of Handcrafted Jewelry

The Beauty of Handcrafted Jewelry

People who travel to Asian or African countries are always dazzled by the beauty of the local handcrafted jewelry and handmade jewelry array and the low-cost at which these are available. Most Americans instantly fall in love with this type jewelry and they are hooked on it forever. Many times, people who are gifted such souvenirs become fans for life, too. Did you know that such jewelry is indeed a great thing to buy for many reasons? Here are the top five:

1. Unique and beautiful beyond any possible description in words – each of these handcrafted things are superb. You can see the love of the artisan reflecting in it. Each piece of jewelry is a celebration of life and is unique and heart touching beautiful. Every time you wear such jewelry you would love the admiring glances it would attract, which further goes to prove that you are wearing something too beautiful for words.

2. Match with anything and everything – you could wear such jewelry at office as you could wear it on formal occasions and at parties as well. There is no place or occasion where this type jewelry would not fit in perfectly. The elegance it exudes always adds a little grace and extra beauty to the apparel you are wearing.

3. Encourage artisans – the people who create these lovely pieces of jewelry in almost all cases, live in abject poverty. When you buy their work you support in your little way an artisan … Read the rest

Business Travel Hotels Plot their Comeback

Not nine months ago, business travel hotels, that have had a bruising three years through the recession, had nowhere to go, but up. Today, the economy is picking up again, and so is business travel. People who travel on business today are beginning to notice that things have changed at business travel hotels somewhat since the recession ended. Prices that were unrealistically low through the recession, have begun to seriously pick up. But hotels aren’t just raising prices for nothing given in return. Often, they are raising the quality of their offerings and the perks that go along with business travel, as well, hotels near airports are a great place to stay on business.

When business travel hotels raised their prices by a couple of percentage points toward the end of last year, it must have been a truly satisfying experience; after prices tumbled through the recession to levels that hadn’t been seen for seven years, this was the first chance they had had to raise prices a little bit. Prices are still unnaturally low today; but you really shouldn’t expect them to stay this way any longer. Demand for hotel rooms keeps rising month on month. And travelers on business can expect to pay up to 10% more for their hotel rooms this year. The hotel companies are being especially cautious; taking a page out of the airlines’playbook, they are either taking capacity off the market or not adding any. America hasn’t seen such a slow hotel construction market … Read the rest

Airfare Specials Are Almost Always Available

Airfare Specials Are Almost Always Available

As a frequent traveler, I am always looking for good deals on tickets. I get on a couple of different web sites and search for such deals, and am always happy to see that airfare specials are almost always available somewhere.

There are a number of web sites you can visit that will provide information on airfare specials that make traveling extremely affordable and convenient. The reality of the matter is that there are lot of times that most people just generally don’t want to travel. That is the best time to strike.

I don’t know how many times I have gone onto one of the discount travel web sites and seen tickets being offered for a fraction of what they would run at other times. For instance, cold weather months are generally not that popular for some places. As a native of Baltimore who now lives in Texas, I can attest to the fact I have bought many tickets in February for a very reasonable price.

Most of the times, they are direct flights on reputable airlines. The thing is, I don’t actually go in February. I will book in February, when there are sub-freezing temperatures and ice and snow, but actually go there in April, when the weather is much nicer. I think one of the things that a lot of people really don’t think about is that airfare specials don’t necessarily mean you have to travel at the time you purchase your tickets.

Another interesting way of … Read the rest

2018: The year for the best airfare deals? Could be, could be …

2018: The year for the best airfare deals? Could be, could be …

While Americans were being pinched in the pocketbook from every corner and beyond these last few years, the airlines were raising ticket prices, presumably due to the high cost of fuel. As the average citizen was trying to figure out how to put fuel in the car and food on the table, the idea of taking vacations by air kind of fell off the radar of most people’s wish lists.

Then the airlines announced that they were now charging a fee, typically between $20 and $50, for each extra piece of baggage. Years ago, you could check one piece of luggage and take a carry on at no additional cost. Today, the carry on is all you get with your ticket. No soda, no peanuts and certainly no in-flight meal – not for ‘free’ (that is, included in the price of your airline ticket), as used to be the case. Now we hear that you must also pay a fee for a blanket or pillow as well. The term, ‘discount air ticket’, became a joke when viewed through the haze of all these add-ons.

While everyone understands that businesses must make a profit to remain viable, these new costs to the air fare deals began to look a mite suspicious, as some major airlines began acquiring other major airlines and gobbling up smaller airlines, consolidating their lock on the flying public. The airlines may have taken their lust for excessive profits a tad too far. Which is exactly why 2018 … Read the rest

How To Find Cheap Skiing Equipment for Your Kids

How To Find Cheap Skiing Equipment for Your Kids

If you are trying to equip your family with cheap skis for a winter vacation on the slopes, there are all kinds of factors you need to keep in mind for a successful purchase. Your first consideration buying cheap skiing equipment is how your children are at an age when they quickly grow everything they get. If you buy skis too far in advance of a vacation, your children will outgrow them before they even have a chance to use them once. You could actually consider renting skis if you are on the lookout for cost savings. The only circumstances that you will actually need to buy your children their own skiing equipment is when they have a committed athletic interest in skiing, or if they are going out on a long ski trip.

Buying skiing equipment isn’t limited to just the skis alone of course. Your kids will need shoes, straps and all kinds of other accessories that could easily run need to about $250 each child you equip, and that is if you find equipment on sale. Most parents when they start to look at the long list of shopping they could need to do for what they thought would be a cheap skiing trip, decide instead to just rent the equipment they need. They just don’t have to worry about having a child really fit her skis this way. Skis are remarkably easy to break if a child isn’t careful. Any ski lodge you go to is … Read the rest

How To Plan The Perfect European Vacation

How To Plan The Perfect European Vacation

Have you always wanted to go on a European tour? This continent is never short of fascinating places and experiences and one of the best ways to see it is in an amazing converted campervan built by Vanguard Conversions. Unfortunately, you probably have a few days or weeks to spend on vacation. But this shouldn’t stop you from having fun! The following are some useful tips for making the most out of your European travel.

1) Prepare your travel documents

Regardless of what country in Europe you want to visit, you need to have a valid passport. Getting a new passport can take 4 to 6 weeks, so make the necessary preparations well ahead of your target date. Also, check whether the country denies entry for passengers whose passports expire within 6 months. And if you want to rent a car in Europe, you need a valid driver’s license. Take note that an international driver’s license is sometimes required by car rental companies, so don’t forget to do your homework.

2) Choose your travel date

This decision largely revolves around the things you want to do in Europe. Do you only want to wander around museums or you plan on attending festivals? Your itinerary should be planned around unmovable dates. The music festival you’ve always wanted to go to probably happens once a year, so you can’t afford to miss the specific date. From there, you can plan the rest of your itinerary, ensuring that you get the most … Read the rest