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Airfare Specials Are Almost Always Available

Airfare Specials Are Almost Always Available

As a frequent traveler, I am always looking for good deals on tickets. I get on a couple of different web sites and search for such deals, and am always happy to see that airfare specials are almost always available somewhere.

There are a number of web sites you can visit that will provide information on airfare specials that make traveling extremely affordable and convenient. The reality of the matter is that there are lot of times that most people just generally don’t want to travel. That is the best time to strike.

I don’t know how many times I have gone onto one of the discount travel web sites and seen tickets being offered for a fraction of what they would run at other times. For instance, cold weather months are generally not that popular for some places. As a native of Baltimore who now lives in Texas, I can attest to the fact I have bought many tickets in February for a very reasonable price.

Most of the times, they are direct flights on reputable airlines. The thing is, I don’t actually go in February. I will book in February, when there are sub-freezing temperatures and ice and snow, but actually go there in April, when the weather is much nicer. I think one of the things that a lot of people really don’t think about is that airfare specials don’t necessarily mean you have to travel at the time you purchase your tickets.

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2018: The year for the best airfare deals? Could be, could be …

2018: The year for the best airfare deals? Could be, could be …

While Americans were being pinched in the pocketbook from every corner and beyond these last few years, the airlines were raising ticket prices, presumably due to the high cost of fuel. As the average citizen was trying to figure out how to put fuel in the car and food on the table, the idea of taking vacations by air kind of fell off the radar of most people’s wish lists.

Then the airlines announced that they were now charging a fee, typically between $20 and $50, for each extra piece of baggage. Years ago, you could check one piece of luggage and take a carry on at no additional cost. Today, the carry on is all you get with your ticket. No soda, no peanuts and certainly no in-flight meal – not for ‘free’ (that is, included in the price of your airline ticket), as used to be the case. Now we hear that you must also pay a fee for a blanket or pillow as well. The term, ‘discount air ticket’, became a joke when viewed through the haze of all these add-ons.

While everyone understands that businesses must make a profit to remain viable, these new costs to the air fare deals began to look a mite suspicious, as some major airlines began acquiring other major airlines and gobbling up smaller airlines, consolidating their lock on the flying public. The airlines may have taken their lust for excessive profits a tad too far. Which is exactly why 2018 … Read the rest