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Our New Adventure Group Is Launching

The very famous last words of Marco Polo – the great traveler, explorer and adventurer were “I did not tell the half of what I saw”. Well, he could have told all had we launched this website during his life time!

Adventure Travel expeditions have been a source finding out new place around the world for decades.

People with a hunger for adventure have been travelling around to places which have been never heard of before. Many such travelers like Marco Polo, Columbus, Magellan and many more contributed immensely to such adventure travel communities and the world also.

Whatever Marco Polo and the other great travelers did share in their travelogues opened the eyes of their readers to a completely different world with its own culture, customs and people. Such travelogues served as destination guides, travel tips, route maps etc.

Such Travelers used to share trip information through writings and books, and such source of information created awareness and curiosity among people.

There is no better source of information than a person who has experienced it himself/herself, right?

Well, at cheap Holidays 24, our members share their first hand trip experiences capturing beautiful moments, sights on the way, places to eat, practical difficulties etc of their trips. Also, the members get to see the actual photos taken by travelers and not the digitally edited ones that are posted on tourism websites. There are many routes one can take to get to a destination depending on preferences and resources.

Most of history’s great explorers provided detailed route maps in their travelogues, which had been used as Travel Guides. But in present era of technology not just route maps, but things like actual trip photos, GPS data, trip videos, and high tech travel maps have made travelling more easier on one hand but on the other they offer so much for a traveler to discover that it is difficult for a traveler to see all in one life.

Traveling is a lot more than just visiting a place and admiring its physical beauty. It encompasses everything a place has to offer: its scenic beauty, its culture and customs, its cuisine and the wonderful people you meet there.

This is a travel group for people who want to know more about the world around them, outside those fancy travel magazines and books. For those who believe there are many more things to explore than what travel channels show on TV. For those who have zeal to walk a few more steps into the wilderness and see what others had missed. For the passionate travelers who not just “explore” but also “experience” and “express”.

There are many travel guides available in the market but most of them have information which is market driven, travelogues from fellow traveler are a more worthy source of real information which is better suited for adventure travelers who want he raw deal, rather than a managed package trip. So, we encourage people to share real info with real travelers and create a database of the real world. With many destinations already discovered and many more to be discovered the spirit of travelling is never going to die.

Man was always a wanderer and will always be one, till the time this world has more to offer and it sure does have a lot more. With more place to stay, place to eat, and more place to see, we will never fall short to place to travel to and list of trip guides will keep increasing and the route maps will keep getting their new entries in the times to come.

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